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 Character Profile - Ryan Powers

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PostSubject: Character Profile - Ryan Powers   Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:49 pm

Name: Ryan Powers AKA Hunter
Age: 35
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 160 pounds
Eye Color: Dark green
Hair Color: Black
Personality: A calm man usually, but when he gets his hands on a rare card, he can become quite over-the-top.

Bio: Ryan Powers was born as an only child, to a rich family. His father was a strict man who wanted his son to become a doctor, and would beat his son if he did not study enough. Ryan failed all his exams, and was kicked out by his parents. He then moved in with his girlfriend in an apartment, which was not of good quality. During his stay with his girlfriend he began smoking heavily and would drink a lot as well. He would trash the flat up and would become violent towards her.

He was shortly kicked out by her as well and got a job in a cafe, at the age of 18. One day while he was at work, he saw a news broadcast on the TV. The chairman of Industrial Illusions, Maximillion Pegasus was offering a job to anyone, who could design a card for his game, Duel Monsters. Ryan saw his chance and designed the card now known as, "Red-Eyes B. Dragon." Ryan got the job and became one of the leading card designers in the company.

Having worked there for twelve years, Ryan, who was 30 at the time, wanted to move higher up. He had been stuck in the same job position for too long, while people, who used to be under him, were now above him. For the past few years he had conducted a plan, which would place him at the top of the Duel Monsters world. And then he would take Industrial Illusions for himself. Having been there for twelve years, Ryan knew plenty of strategies to win this card game, and created a deck based around the card he first designed...the Red Eyes B. Dragon.

Taking his deck, a few followers and plenty of money he stole from Industrial Illusions, he created his own organisation, called the Black Dragons. This organisation, lead by, "Hunter" as Ryan would become to be known, would steal the decks from inexperienced trainers, and with the lack of trainers buying cards, Industrial Illusions would lose money, and the Black Dragons could take it from Pegasus.

Then one day, Ryan, recieved a letter...from Maximillion Pegasus, himself. Pegasus was inviting HIM to enter his Duel Monsters tournament, Duelist Kingdom. Although suspicius, Ryan thought this was the perfect time to take down Industrial Illusions.

Appearance: Short dark brown hair, quite thin, and always has dark rings under his brown eyes. Usually wears sunglases and an untidy, suit, with a brown, long jacket. Can always be seen with a cigarette in his mouth.

Favorite Card: Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Deck: Red-Eyes B. Dragon deck
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Character Profile - Ryan Powers
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